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There are some worth seeing places near the temple. They include 'Haripur Fort', 'Luthkadhi fort', Mata Gudiyali and Maa Bijai temples. Haripur fort was built by the Maharaja of Sirmour, Hariprakash for the protection of the sirmour border, while Luthkadhi fort was built by the Maharaja of Jubbal.

Brijeshwari TempleOn the foothill of Maa Bhangayni temple, located at Bedol, 15km from haripurdhar, one can get blessings of Maa Brijeshwari Devi, who is considered as sister of Maa Gudiyali, Maa Bijai and Shirgul Maharaj. During old days, for Mata's 'Jagaran', swordsBrijeshwari Mata's Palki was carried by the devotees in whole town along with people of "Thundu" cast who carried swords for protection of palki. This tradition is being followed even now. Devotees cover the distance from Maa Bhangayni temple to these temples on foot.

The view from the newly constucted Helipad leaves the visitor completely amazed.