The clear view of Chureshwar temple from the place afirms the history of Maa Bhangayni temple is connected with shirgul mahadev.

Shirguls Mahadev's tales of bravery (popularily know as Birsu, Panjda, or Guga peer in sirmour or shimla) recounts that when he went to Delhi, with his huge manforce, the people of delhi were enthralled to see his vastness & majesty. Frightened of Shirgul Mahadev's spiritual powers, Mughal emperor of that time, imprisoned him by limiting hi powers by leather shackles.

To free from the prison , the king of Bagad, Guga peer, was welped by Maa bhagyani, working as a maid in the prison. It was due to Mata's help that Shirgul Maharaj could be freed from the confinement of Mughal emperors. In Delhi Maa Bhangayni is also know as Delhi Devi.